We support venture capital investors to identify, assess and screen opportunities in the businesses of innovative and high growth potentials. Areas of focus are:

In today’s environment most of the banks are not willing to participate in the launch of the start-ups since they are having a high risk profile and most of venture capitalists tend to stay away from pre-seed and seed funding process.

We support our clients on pre-seed and seed funding in terms of analyzing, validating the ideas, support to define the steps needed to be undertaken and contemplating a reliable business plan.

We support organizations to create a value added services through using the crowd funding.

Our expert team can advise and guide on crowd funding, crowdsourcing, knowledge management and transfer, innovation, and collaboration.

We extend our support to arrange for angel investing for promising businesses who needs financial support during the start-up stage in exchange for equity or other alternatives.

We Support VCs in screening, assessing and closing the best optimum deals with start-up through our involvement methodology with micro business and extend that support to the stage of being part of the VCs steering committees and startups management.