Our consultancy services support organizations to enhance their managerial, financial
and investment strategy’s through focusing on short term quick wins and potential growth
in line with their defined objectives.

We provide market-leading expertise in:
• Corporate and operations strategy
• Customer and growth strategy
• Concept development & model design for SMEs
• Business planning
• Financial analysis
• Operating model development
• Procurement and supply chain advisory
• Business performance improvement
• Project Management Office (PMO) services

Our business transformation solutions include:
• Cash and working capital management
• Cost management
• Financial information management
• Planning budgeting and forecasting

We offer key valuation opinions, including independent board
advice on:
• Investment transaction (acquisition and merge)
• Valuation of interest on equity basis
• Valuation of receivables, loans and other debt instruments
• Internal rate of return (IRR) calculation
• Determinations of the value of loan collateral
• Due- diligence for a targeted company
• Financial Modeling